Welcome winter

by R F December 15, 2016

It certainly feels like winter has arrived even though it is not yet December 21. Shivering cold at the bus stop this morning.  Small patches of snow glistening on the front lawn.

Layers, layers, layers.  That's the trick to keeping warm.  The bottom most layer is the starberrykids onesie.  My favorite for this time of year is button down shirts right over the undershirt. That way the extension can go right through the flap on the undershirt and woven through the buttons on the shirt. Then comes the sweater on top.  I actually found a great sweatshirt that snaps in the front.  It only comes in small sizes but my son is still quite small, so for now that works.  Either way, we will make it work.

Let it snow, let it snow....



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